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www.cinemavision.biz   MRI Video and Audio System

  • Lost scans due to claustrophobia?
  • Child sedation concerns by parents?
  • Not enough patients to fill your MRI schedule?
OR...ARE your MRI patients RAVING FANS?
  • They might be...if you had Cinemavision - the #1 system for total MRI patient comfort
What if your patients could just forget completely about their surroundings as they become completely absorbed in watching a DVD, broadcast television, or listening to an iPod, internet radio or an MP3 player.
The cost of this experience? Nominal.
The experience of stress-free comfort and relaxation? Priceless.

  • Reduces the need for sedation in children and adults
  • Virtually eliminates claustrophobia fears in all MRI patients
  • Is compatible with all MRI systems
  • Increases MRI referrals

Cinemavision in Action

Thomasville MRI Video
Thomasville Medical Center

Yale-New Haven Hospital MRI
Yale-New Haven Hospital MRI
video goggles helps children during MRI
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